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Complete Linux Administration Course

Course fee:
LKR 45000/= per participant
All payments should be done via cheque, drawn in favour of "CeylonLinux" or by cash.

Course Duration:
36 hours

Intended Audience:
This course is ideal for Beginners / Systems Administrators / Engineers / IT Professionals to gain hands on experience and improve their technical capabilities in Linux OS and other open source technologies.

Course Objectives:
After completing this comprehensive Linux course, participants should be able to

Course Contents:
Linux on Desktop
Installing a Linux Server
Hardware detection and installing necessary drivers
Linux installation, disk partitioning, dual booting
add/remove applications
Compiling with source codes and rpms
Installing only the necessary components with and without X-Windows
Administrating Linux
Advanced bash/shell commands
Text editing with vi/vim
User & group management
Assigning and revoking privileges
Disk management & quotas
Archiving compressing & backing up files
Automation using cron
Shell Scripting
Perl Scripting
Linux Networking
Assigning IP addresses with Variable Length Subnet Masking (VLSM)
Assigning IP’s using DHCP
Network troubleshooting with ping, traceroute & tcpdump
Routing in Linux
Setting up a DHCP Server
Introduction to DHCP
Setting up a DHCP server
Setting up a DNS Server
Introduction to DNS
Installing & configuring BIND
Adding/updating/deleting DNS records, reverse DNS
Securing DNS
Setting up a Web Server
Introduction to web servers
Installing & configuring Apache
Hosting a web site and multiple websites with virtual domains (IP based, name based)
Setting up secure HTTP (HTTPS) and creating digital certificates for the web server
Authenticating web users
Setting up a Proxy Server
Introduction to proxy servers
Installing & configuring Squid
Authenticating users
How to block unwanted sites
Setting up a NFS Server
Introduction to Network File System
Configuring NFS
Maximum Disk Space utilization over the network
Backup using NFS
Setting up a SAMBA Server
Introduction to Samba
Configuring Samba
Windows to Linux Migration
Setting up a Mail Server
Introduction to e-Mail
SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 server compilation, installation and configuration
Installing & configuring Sendmail/Postfix
Mail Authentication
User management
Sending & receiving mails with mail clients
Virus detection
Web interface for mail access
Setting up LDAP server
LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
LAMP as a total web solution
PHP Scripting
Installing & configuring MySQL
Database administration using MySQL
Developing and Hosting dynamic web sites
Linux Security
Building secure servers using Linux
Minimize threats and vulnerabilities by removing unnecessary applications/packages
TCP Wrappers
Network monitoring with FOSS tools
Installing & configuring IPTables (Linux Firewall)

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