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Enterprise Security Solutions

Ceylon Linux offers full server security solutions like operating system hardening, improving access control mechanisms using SELinux, host based firewalls, memory protection, TCP Wrappers and so on…

We will scan your server for any service and daemon vulnerabilities, open ports, potentionaly dangerous PHP/CGI scripts, WWW config, FTP config, SSH config, rootkits, and do other security checking and testing. Our advanced system administrators will even login into your system remotely and do local security tests. After all tests are performed, we will send you report and suggestions what should be done to improve your server security.

Full network security Solution can be provided using open source IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems) & Network Based Firewalls, Viruswalls, VPN Gateways, SPAM Gateways continues vulnerability scanning and penetration testing

Security scanning & Penetration tests

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