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Linux Publications

Ceylon Linux step by step guides will help for busy systems administrators who need to quickly finish a project with just the essential background information for it all to make sense.

Our publications and tutorials focus on of how to get the most common Linux server tasks done. It is clear, easy to understand, and quick.

Each publication explains a typical departmental, small office or home network scenario and shows you how to set up the Linux servers most businesses need.

Explanations are given not like a lecturer, but as a trusted and experienced co-worker. The chapters have a logical flow of information starting with concise backgrounders and ending with a troubleshooting section. They cover these essential topics:

As the line between power users and administrators continues to blur, as computers move from the data center to the desktop, as Linux and Windows gain equal footing in business, it becomes harder to remember and do it all. These tutorials and publications make it easier, simpler and quicker.

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