SalesPad - Field Sales Force Automation Solution (SFA)

Optimum Sales, Productivity & Business Growth with SalesPad

SalesPad is Sri Lanka’s no.1 Field Sales Force Automation System, used by many companies to increase their sales and effectiveness of their distribution process. The solution consists of a mobile application and a cloud based back-end with detailed reporting.

SalesPad mobile application is designed for field personnel with simple and user friendly interfaces to
carry out all of their sales related tasks. SalesPad is developed exclusively to connect the mobile field sales force with the corporate back office and thereby, ensure a real-time, robust and comprehensive flow of information between both the entities.

SalesPad is fully customizable to meet your specific requirements

Sales Details with Locations

This solution enables the monitoring of field staff’s location and the path of their movements on the map via GPS. Every productive sales call with complete details of sales figures and unproductive calls with reasons will be available in the system.

Secure & Efficient

Developed to be very secure, it uses data encryption with low bandwidth and the system is optimized for heavy usage.

Works Offline & Online

SalesPad mobile application is designed to work online and offline to ensure uninterrupted sales operation even in areas with no connectivity. It gives sales professionals fast access to useful data online or offline to work efficiently and spend more time selling.

Retailer Management

New customers can be added to the system along with photographs of the retail outlet. Details of previous sales figures, outstanding and credit limits of each customer will be available to analyze the buying patterns and decide accurately the order recommendations. Details about competitive products, shelf information, dealer boards & POSM materials could be recorded in the mobile application.

Detailed Reports

The SalesPad System consists of comprehensive reports and dashboards for the management to show the real time information about demand information, stock requirements, targets and achievements.


Mobile Application

  • Complete the sales call with minimal clicks
  • Auto-calculated discounts and bonuses
  • Mark attendance with GPS location (IN & OUT)
  • Accept returns
  • View stock details at the time of ordering or invoicing
  • Supports Pre-Sales (Order-taking) and Van-Sales
  • Capture photo of retailer with GPS data
  • Suggested Order
  • Record payment details
  • Detailed reports and dashboards
  • Expenses management
  • Geo Fencing route
  • Automatic data synchronization
  • Bluetooth printing

Corporate Back Office

  • Real-time visibility of Sales data
  • Transactions tracking with GPS
  • Visibility of GPS locations of staff, customers and staff movements with milage
  • Route/Itinerary planning
  • Master data management
  • Detailed reports
  • Track sales performance
  • Comprehensive Dashboards
  • Integration with existing ERP system / Accounting Software
  • SMS and EMAIL alerts based on field activities
  • Notifications for mobile users
  • Live Tracking of Field Activities


  • View orders/invoices
  • Suggested purchase orders
  • View stocks
  • Adjust stocks
  • Accept payments
  • Load / Unload products to the Vehicle
  • GRN facility
  • Detailed reports