Website Design / Hosting

Get your web site designed and developed by our expert developers at a very reasonable price. We do web design for local as well as foreign customers.

At Ceylon Linux, we give our customers complete solutions, we host the site developed by us, maintain it, provide email addresses and register your domain name. We even submit the site to all major search engines for free.

Our servers are located in Houston, Texas, USA. The datacenter features 65,000 square feet of space with redundant UPS, air conditioning, generator backup and smoke detection/fire protection systems. Datacenter is connected to the Internet through 14 Gigabit Ethernet links from seven separate backbone providers, who each run fiber optic cable into the data center through two separate entry points. The backbone providers are: Time Warner, Verio, Cogent, Williams Telecommunications, Allegiance, MFN and Savvis.

All the servers are built with the best hardware and highest standards.

Price Plans:
(Includes hosting, maintenance, domain name registration, 25 email addresses)

  • Rs. 25,000.00 - 01 year-plan
  • Rs. 45,000.00 - 02 year-plan (Rs. 5000 off)
  • Rs. 65,000.00 - 03 year-plan (Rs. 10000 off)
  • Rs. 105,000.00 - 05 year-plan (Rs. 20000 off)
  • Rs. 200,000.00 - 10 year-plan (Rs. 50000 off)

Sell Online (E-Commerce):
If you want to sell your products and services online, we can help you by connecting your site with the e-commerce payment gateway of Sampath Bank. It will let your customers pay you using their credit cards. Following are the charges of the Sampath Bank's payment gateway.

  • Startup Fee is Rs. 10,000.00 and the Annual Fee is Rs. 40,000.00, plus 3% - 5% commision for each transaction.


  • Free Domain Name Registration (ex: or or ...etc)
  • Free Web Mail (Ability to send and receive emails from any computer, anywhere in the world.)
  • 25 Email Accounts (ex:
  • 5 subdomain (ex:
  • Free Statistics of Your Website. (about the no of visitors...etc)
  • Hosted on high performance Apache server on Linux having PHP, Perl, cgi-bin, SSI support

Web Hosting:

  • Plan1 - Rs. 500/m - 150MB - 10GB/m
  • Plan2 - Rs. 1000/m - 400MB - 25GB/m
  • Plan3 - Rs. 2000/m - 1GB - 60 GB/m
  • Plan4 - Rs. 4000/m - 2GB - 125 GB/m

Websites designed, developed and maintained by us:

Contact Us:

Tel: 071-4034053 (Dilan), 011 2801490

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