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Build great custom software solutions with expert development teams

Ceylon Linux specializes in designing, building, and maintaining distributed, multi-tenant, secure and robust custom software solutions. We listen to your ideas and create scalable custom software solutions from the ground up, designed especially for your business. Our 16+ years of experience in providing bespoke software solutions has enabled us to deliver great UX designs, front-ends and back-end implementations using modern technologies. We always use the right tools, technologies and processes to produce cost-effective software solutions on-time that are secure, reliable and scalable.

Why Us?

Industry Leading
UX/UI Design

Navigation on mobile and applications should be increasingly instinctive. Our team of UX/UI designers comprehends your needs and use cutting edge tools for building the perfect interface for your users.

A Dedicated
Team of Experts

We choose a dedicated team of experts to deliver the solution while focusing on your requirements. Our talented engineers develop and deploy systems which can scale with your future requirements.


Leverage the use of modern technologies, our technical skills, high-quality coding practices and expertise in making architectural decisions related to custom software development.

Streamlined Project

Our project managers take utmost responsibility in completing the project in time and with accuracy. To help guarantee the best chances of success, we follow a streamlined project management practices with full transparency.

Client Centric

We are always there to assist you in every phase of development. Our technical experts work to ensure that the final product meets your predefined requirements.


One of the reasons for our success is that we offer our software development services to customers around the world at affordable prices, while providing exceptional customer service with high-quality results.

Our Approach


Every custom software project begins with an in-depth assessment of your project's requirements and its software life cycle. We start by learning your business requirements, including current and future goals and challenges. An account executive and project manager will then work with you to determine the scope of your project and develop a plan of action.

Determine Technical

We'll help you determine security and encryption requirements, the cost of custom software development, database and cloud software, integration with hardware & software systems, migrating data, building infrastructure and ensuring business continuity. Once a plan of action and statement of work is drafted and agreed upon, the project moves to the next phase.


Through agile software development, the project is built over a number of iterative cycles by an expert team of software developers, a project manager, a business analyst, and QA engineers. New builds of the project are regularly shared with you to solicit your feedback and integrate your suggestions and recommendations into the project.


Throughout active development our quality assurance teams ensure the product is rigorously tested, seeking out and eliminating any bugs found. When the software is rolled out to your organization's employees and clients, it will be ready for prime time.


At the end of the QA process, your custom-built software will be deployed on your servers or on the cloud infrastructure. Our support team is always available before, during, and after the solution is deployed.

Support and

We understand our customers' business processes can change. Ceylon Linux provides a guaranteed warranty, along with comprehensive end-user support and continuous system updates.

Bespoke Software Services

Enterprise Applications

Our elite team of software engineers creates dynamic, innovative enterprise software applications. We build solutions that optimize critical business processes and functions including inventory and construction management, accounting, HR, and more.

SaaS Applications

We extensive experience building a wide scope of commercial SaaS-based applications. We understand the specific challenges and opportunities of this process, and will leverage our knowledge to build your SaaS solution on-time and on-budget.

Advanced Web Applications

Ceylon Linux specializes in creating advanced web applications with the most innovative technologies. Our experts handle the design, prototype, development, implementation, and support of your web solution, whatever your business need, size, or industry.

Ecommerce Applications

If your business sells products or services online, a custom ecommerce application is an essential competitive advantage. We build applications that streamline payment, inventory, reporting, and security to keep your business thriving.

Mobile Applications

Our expert engineers build iOS, Android, and Hybrid mobile applications that can stand alone or be integrated with web applications. We ensure your application passes rigorous acceptance standards with flying colors and gets published quickly.

Legacy Systems

Businesses must innovate to stay relevant, and we can help take your older software to the next level. We rebuild legacy systems to be more dynamic, user-friendly, and efficient, based on cutting-edge technologies.

Third-Party Applications

In addition to building software from scratch, we can support or take over solutions from third-party vendors. We start by benchmarking the application's quality so you have a clear picture of what it needs and how to get there.

Software Product Development

From idea to prototype to release, Ceylon Linux can help your company through the entire life cycle of new product development. We've built hundreds of products at unbeatable values, and our expertise for building innovative solutions is unparalleled. We translate your business ideas & vision into high-performance products, by solving every challenge for you.

API Integration & Development

Ceylon Linux specialize in integrating software systems with 3rd party APIs. We develop secure enterprise-grade REST APIs that are easy to consume, well documented and truly reliable. Providing an API extends the usefulness and functionality of your web service enabling the integrations with new and existing third party systems.

We Take Security Seriously

While providing custom application development services, Ceylon Linux considers security a fundamental component at all stages of the software lifecycle. We take extensive measures to apply security protection across all the layers of our custom software solutions.

Application Security

  • Source code analysis
  • Application architecture review
  • Attack vectors identification
  • Vulnerability scan

Data Security

  • Data leak prevention
  • Endpoint protection
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Encryption of data in transit and data at rest

Customer Security

  • Segregated project infrastructure
  • SLA guarantees
  • Security & IP protection policies
  • Software pre-certification support