Internet Bandwidth Controller

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Control and limit Internet usage download and upload data traffic for every computer in your network.

Our Internet Bandwidth Controller provides all the features you need to control the Internet access provided for each employee in your organization, ensuring that each user receives a fair share of bandwidth.

It provides detailed reports on the Internet usage of each user, helping you to manage bandwidth properly. Implementing the Internet Bandwidth Controller in your network saves your bandwidth and prevents reaching the monthly/daily bandwidth quota limits.

Lower Internet costs by controlling bandwidth


  • Allow or Block full Internet access to a specific group of users
  • Allow or Block specific websites to a specific group of users
  • Allow or Block websites/users during a specific time of the day or on specific days
  • Content Filtering (Category Wise Blocking; ex: adult-content, video-content, etc)
    • Web filtering by websites
    • Web filtering by URL/ part of URL
    • Web filtering by MIME type and file extension
  • Throttle bandwidth for specific (large/unnecessary) file formats
  • Traffic shaping to limit / increase bandwidth for certain applications
  • Detailed reports on Internet usage