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Hardening Linux

We harden the Linux OS and the related software from the time of installation to live implementation by adhering to cyber-security best practices. After hardening the server, we carry out vulnerability analysis and penetration testing to make sure that the security controls are in place to prevent attacks.

Our hardening process adheres to CIS Benchmarks, which are proven guidelines to safeguard operating systems, software and networks that are most vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Hardening helps to protect the Linux systems against denial of service, unauthorized data access, and other cyber threats.

Automating Linux

We provide automation of tasks through custom scripts, programs and industry leading tools for Linux Automation

Why Should You Automate?

  • It frees up time spent doing mundane tasks
  • Automation reduces mistakes in routine tasks
  • Automation allows everyone on the team to be productive

What Should You Automate?

  • Routine tasks
  • Repeatable tasks
  • Complex tasks
  • Time-consuming tasks

Linux Automation is used for tasks such as:

  • Backup
  • Configuration Management
  • Ending Email and SMS Alerts
  • Upgrades

Some of the Tools we use for Automation