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End-to-end mobile application development for
consumer-facing and corporate environments.

We create native, hybrid and interactive mobile apps for businesses with complex goals
and challenges, across devices on iOS and Android platforms.

Ceylon Linux has extensive experience creating innovative world-class mobile apps with various technology stacks and using secure APIs to integrate with web-based platforms. The development life cycle consists of requirements conceptualization using initial wire-frames design, Adobe XD front-end journey, web services development along with native or hybrid application development. The micro-services development approach is used to containerize services such as data routing, reporting, offline capability, and authentication.

We Focus On

User Experience Design

A key component of customer and employee satisfaction as well as general productivity, is a system’s user experience. Our experts create attractive interfaces that allow our clients to be much more productive, with much less hassle.

Cross-Platform Coverage

We deliver across all popular mobile platforms and mobile-enabled technologies along with assisting companies with their mobile app delivery strategies to assure most optimal coverage of all target audiences.

Scalability & Interoperability

The application designs we create incorporate scalability and interoperability considerations from the outset, leaving room for the never ceasing technological advancements to augment value of your app at any point in the future.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Your new systems will be built using current technologies that are designed to play well with others and flexible enough to evolve with your organization.

Security & Compliance

Every project demands its own set of security and compliance considerations, and some are exceptionally demanding. At Ceylon Linux, we address enhanced or industry-specific security requirements and business continuity standards from project’s day one.

Accelerated Delivery

To swiftly accommodate changes in consumer demands, Ceylon Linux applies DevOps and continuous value delivery practices for rapid functionality delivery and accelerated product launch while securing first-class solution quality and performance.

Ceylon Linux builds mobile applications for your unique business goals

IOS App Development

Our IOS Apps are built to increase user base, revenues, maximize brand reach, enhance employee productivity, or increase conversion rates.

Whether you have an idea, running a business or you are an enterprise, we build IOS applications that can solve real business problems.

Our apps are built in compliance with Apple guidelines making it easy for your business to enroll in an Apple Developer Program and easily submit your apps.

Android App Development

We build custom android apps to take advantage of numerous standout characteristics of Android OS that makes it the most preferred mobile OS.

With a team of in–house experts consisting of UI/UX mobile designers, mobile app developers, usability architects, QA testers, and dedicated project managers, we offer you a custom Android app development methodology to help you scale your business at low costs.

Why Us?

Customer Driven Approach

With a customer-centric architecture, Ceylon Linux has been creating and implementing high-performance mobile apps for enterprises, small businesses and medium businesses.

In-depth technical Expertise

Ceylon Linux addresses real business challenges for its clients by using in-depth technical knowledge and an innovative approach feasible for the businesses.

Expert Development Team

We have proficient and experienced iOS app developers and Android app developers who have a track record of completing and delivering functional projects on time.

Latest Design and Technology

Our services reflect the strength of its development, design and engineering capabilities and its potential to consistently deliver exceptional services to its clients across the globe.

Some of the facilities


There are plenty of ways Ceylon Linux integrates GPS technology to enhance value of the delivered mobile applications, from solutions for mobile workforce management and fleet tracking to geo-fencing, geo-targeting and location-aware in-app messaging.


We employ the latest technologies like BLE Beacons, NFC, and emerging Wi-Fi standards to benefit high-precision location awareness capabilities for enhanced in-store experience, secure contactless payments, indoor location sensing and contextual information/coupon delivery.


We deliver solutions for wearable devices and gadgets equipped with smart embedded sensors and displays, backing them with remote, cloud-based data collection, monitoring and advanced analytics capabilities.


Ceylon Linux is positioned to deliver mobile-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for equipment and appliances controlled via mobile, including connected home solutions, real-time tracking and monitoring services, video surveillance, and many more.

Our Approach to Mobile App Development

While providing custom application development services, Ceylon Linux considers security a fundamental component at all stages of the software lifecycle. We take extensive measures to apply security protection across all the layers of our custom software solutions.


At Ceylon Linux, we convert your vision into reality by capturing detailed functional requirements of your app. We analyze the demographics, motivations, and goals of our client.


A programming wireframe consists of page elements, possible actions, visual branding elements, and more. We create a screen blueprint of your mobile app development programming that shows the objects on the screen along with functions.

Feasibility Assessment

The format of the application and its platform entirely depends on the idea of your website. We examine the concept of the app and check its technical feasibility by considering the back-end systems.


The experts at Ceylon Linux design each app that interacts with its user. This is what we work as a prototype. And while making it, we enrich mockups with UX features that you would like to see in your app.


The success of any mobile application asks for two main factors, UI and UX. Our UI designers work to provide the visual medium, and UX designers implement more about multiple aspects of human interaction with the app.


In the development process, our mobile app developers set the working prototype. Then the development process goes through a few stages where the functionalities of the app developed, and the light testing process takes place.


We specialize in integrating complex back-end systems with engaging and user friendly mobile front-ends.


We cover all critical bug fixing facets like testing the usability, security, compatibility, performance, and interface of the application before its deployment process.


The launching stage of the application requires the backend before the app is published. We do a soft-launch with a selected group or internal teams to publish in the app stores as a beta version for valuable user feedback.